Motivational Mondays – Temecula Senior Photographer

January 5, 2016


By Kelly Lynne


We all need encouragement, motivation and just someone to come along side of us to say we can do this. Life is hard but it’s worth living. People think teens have it so easy. On the surfice that might seem true. They are laughing, joking and having a good time but when you take the time to get to know these amazing guys and girls you find so much more. Some have already had to endure so much more than you or I ever will but they keep smiling. Not only are they smiling but they are lifting each other up daily. I am so honored and blessed to know each of these teens and seniors that have come into my life. Their strength and determination motivate me every day. My hope is that I can motivate and encourage them just as much. Keep smiling.

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